Students at Girls in Engineering Day at McMenon

Girls in Engineering days hailed a success at McMenon

Following the success of last year’s inaugural event, McMenon Engineering is proud to announce the expansion of its “Girls in Engineering Day.”

Over the course of two days, this year’s event welcomed approximately 30 students, more than doubling its outreach and impact from the previous year.

It was an action-packed affair brimming with informative sessions and engaging activities, all designed to inspire and encourage the next generation of engineering professionals.

The event, at McMenon’s Workington facility, aimed to ignite a passion for engineering in young minds and to promote inclusivity within the industry.

Guest speakers representing Lakes College, Sellafield Ltd, and Jacobs were welcomed as they shared their personal journeys, shedding light on the myriad pathways available to budding engineers.

Their insights served as a source of inspiration for the attending students, demonstrating that a fulfilling and rewarding career in engineering is well within reach.

Students from Energy Coast UTC and Workington Academy were treated to an array of enriching experiences. This included team-building activities, in-depth information sessions, factory tours, and the unique opportunity to engage with McMenon Engineering’s dedicated employees.

These encounters provided invaluable insights into potential career paths and ignited the students’ passion for engineering.

Investing in the future

Anand Puthran, McMenon CEO, said: “It was a fantastic two days at this year’s McMenon Engineering ‘Girls in Engineering Program.’

“Our mission to encourage more women to join the dynamic world of STEM professions has been met with enthusiasm and determination.

“What better way to honour National Manufacturing Day than by investing in the future.

“And through McMenon Girls in Engineering 2023, we continue to shout out loudly to create a more inclusive and diverse manufacturing landscape.

“I also had the opportunity of personally championing entrepreneurship as an exciting and job-creating career path for these bright young minds and future leaders.

“I hope these two days were filled with valuable insights, engaging activities, and lasting memories.

“Together, we’re shaping a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow for the world of engineering.”

The resounding success of McMenon Engineering’s “Girls in Engineering Day” demonstrates the company’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the engineering industry, while also nurturing the talents of future generations of engineers.