About Us

“McMenon – in relentless pursuit of uncompromising product quality and outstanding service”
- Anand Puthran, Founder and CEO

Our Mission is to be the premier manufacturer of flow and temperature measurement instrumentation and the trusted partner of choice for complete contract engineering and manufacturing services.

The acquisition of the Workington facility from ABB, a global power and automation technology group, is a major milestone for McMenon Engineering Services. The facility has a long tradition of designing and manufacturing industry-leading highly-specialised range of DP flow and temperature measurement products and led by employees who are best in the business. Being a ‘preferred supplier’ to ABB instantly places McMenon Engineering Services amongst the premier suppliers of flow and temperature measurement instrumentation.

Social responsibility is at the heart of our business and we truly believe that high performance walks hand in hand with responsibility. McMenon’s vision for the future is to create organisations that are progressively adaptable to change and innovation by providing a meaningful and rewarding experience for its members.

McMenon Vision

To create global organisations
that deliver innovative, sustainable
solutions for customers and provide
a rewarding experience for
our members.

McMenon Mission

To be a globally trusted partner of
choice for flow, temperature, process measurement solutions and contract manufacturing services.

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