Inclusion and Diversity

"Our vision is for McMenon to be adaptable to change, innovation and continue to provide a meaningful and rewarding experience for our employees.
We want to make employees of all backgrounds feel welcomed and treated equally.”
- Anand Puthran, Founder and CEO

At McMenon, our people are the absolute heartbeat of our business.

We have a long-standing commitment to inclusion, diversity and equality of opportunity for all employees, job applicants and customers.

Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education or national origin: it’s about having the right calibre of people on board to meet our aspirations and deliver services that exceed clients’ expectations.

Anand Puthran, Founder and CEO

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity  is especially  important  in Cumbria. As McMenon CEO, Anand Puthran explains, “it’s a fact that black and minority ethnic people are under-represented in Cumbrian businesses. This isn’t by design, of course, but positive action from community and business leaders will change this unenviable statistic.

“We consciously, and with conviction, address any lack of diversity in our organisation and continue to work towards being the employer of choice. We rigorously stamp out discriminatory behaviour and promote diversity in recruitment and career progression, based on merit.”

Our vision is for McMenon to be adaptable to change, innovation and continue to provide a meaningful and rewarding experience for our employees. We want to make employees of all backgrounds feel welcomed and treated equally.

We respect and appreciate  what makes people different:  each member of our team brings a different set of  perspectives, values and ideas which help us to have diverse views on various business challenges and opportunities.

Our diverse and high-performing people have shaped McMenon and will continue to do so in future. Maintaining a diverse workforce in today’s globally-networked business environment is a fair and intelligent way ahead to success.

During recruitment, we monitor equality and diversity and look for the most suitable person for the job based on experience, skills and qualifications. Find out more about careers at McMenon by visiting WEBLINK, by email at EMAIL or on TELEPHONE.

International Women in Engineering Day

McMenon is proud to support International Women in Engineering Day, which takes place every year across the globe, recognising and celebrating the remarkable achievements of women engineers worldwide.

Our Chief Operations Officer, Shiby Bernard, is keen to encourage and inspire more females to pursue a career in engineering.

“I am passionate about empowering and supporting women in the engineering profession,” she said.

Shiby Bernard, Chief Operations Officer

“Women have made significant contributions to engineering throughout history, and it’s crucial that we continue to nurture and inspire the next generation of female engineers.

“Engineering is a field of endless possibilities, creativity, and problem-solving. By embracing diversity, we unlock new perspectives, ideas, and innovations that drive positive change in our society.”

“To all the aspiring female engineers out there, I encourage you to follow your passion, challenge stereotypes, and break barriers. Don’t let anything hold you back from pursuing your dreams,” she added.

Girls In Engineering

McMenon is committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the engineering industry, while also nurturing the talents of future generations of engineers.

To inspire and encourage the next generation of female engineering professionals, McMenon have created their own Girls in Engineering Day, held at their Workington factory.

And, following the resounding success of the inaugural event in 2022, we were able to expand the programme in 2023. Over the course of two days, we welcomed approximately 30 students, more than doubling our outreach and impact from the previous year.

It was an action-packed affair brimming with informative sessions and engaging activities, aiming to ignite a passion for engineering in young minds and to promote inclusivity within the industry.

Guest speakers representing Lakes College, Sellafield Ltd, and Jacobs were welcomed as they shared their personal journeys, shedding light on the myriad pathways available to budding engineers. Their insights served as a source of inspiration for the attending students, demonstrating that a fulfilling and rewarding career in engineering is well within reach.

Participating students from Energy Coast UTC and Workington Academy were treated to an array of enriching experiences, including team-building activities, in-depth information sessions, enlightening factory tours, and the unique opportunity to engage with McMenon Engineering’s dedicated employees. These encounters provided invaluable insights into potential career paths and ignited the students’ passion for engineering.

Anand Puthran, McMenon CEO, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, saying: “It was a fantastic two days at the 2023 McMenon Engineering ‘Girls in Engineering Program’. Our mission to encourage more women to join the dynamic world of STEM professions has been met with enthusiasm and determination.

“Through McMenon Girls in Engineering 2023, we continued shouting out loudly towards creating a more inclusive and diverse manufacturing landscape.”


At McMenon we want to invest in the next generation as they are the future of our company.

We believe in the value of apprenticeships and giving youngsters that first step onto the ladder of their chosen career path.

We want to highlight the 10 fantastic apprentices we currently have at McMenon’s Workington facility – keep inspiring us!