McMenon Solve

“Sizing DP devices is difficult and time consuming…” Not anymore

  • McMenon Solve is the ultimate tool for DP flowmeter sizing and more, used on-line or off-line.
  • Size multiple solutions and develop full meter specifications and part numbers.
  • Size and specify a single instrument or an entire plant using the same tool.
  • Developed over years of active use to satisfy customers’ needs.
  • Fully compliant with international standards ISO5167, AGA 3 etc where applicable
  • Take the “pain” out of the process
  • Transfer process variables in-between meter types to compare performance, particularly useful for those problem applications
  • Build project portfolios with ease
  • Quickly build product model numbers and receive priority pricing feedback
  • Intuitive entry of process variables
  • Rapid results review with all relevant data and any applicable warnings
  • Clear indication of the standard used for the calculation
  • Useful conversion factors for many industry standard measurement units
  • Detailed calculation reports with results traceable to project and tag number
  • Not just DP products, McMenon Solve also aids the selection and sizing of other products such as temperature sensors and thermowells