Wedge Meters

Robust, reliable flow solutions for difficult applications

The McMenon wedge meter product range is adaptable to almost any process condition or installation requirements. Wedge meters are particularly suitable for fluids that are dirty, viscous, abrasive or with a tendency to foul, providing accurate measurements and resisting conditions that would normally wear the sensitive measurement surfaces found in orifice plate, turbine and cone meter or positive displacement meters.

In addition they have the widest flow range of any DP-based flow device and require shorter upstream and downstream straight pipe lengths.

Reliable solutions

The wedge element allows any solids or entrained gases to pass through the meter without hold-up. Available with tapping designs that can accept remote seal elements, the wedge meter avoids the blockage of impulse lines and response time problems that other devices can encounter when metering slurries and viscous products.

McMenon are the leading manufacturer of wedge meters with the longest in-house experience of manufacture in the industry. The McMenon offering covers both the traditional Taylor wedge design and the design based on ISO 5167-6:2019.



  • Calibrated within ±0.5% ( ±0.75% for DN15 1/2 in.)
  • Uncalibrated ±5% for Taylor wedge
  • Uncalibrated ±4% for ISO wedge

Pressure loss

  • 5 to 12% of differential head, dependent on the H/D ratio

Maximum working pressure

  • Limited by process and tapping connection rating.
  • Standard process designs up to ANSI 600 lb. rating
  • Higher pressures available to special design
  • Note: Chemical Tee connections are limited to max 20.6 bar (300 psi)

Maximum working temperature

  • Dependent on the material selection and application

Pipeline size range

  • 15 to 600 mm (1/2 to 24 in.)
  • Wedge design is size dependent
  • Fittings for larger pipelines are available to special order

H/D ratio

  • 0.2 to 0.7 for Taylor wedge
  • 0.2 to 0.6 for ISO wedge

Standard materials

  • Carbon Steel ASTM A105 or A350 LF2
  • Stainless Steel BS 1502 316S31 or ASTM A240 316


  • 1 /2 in. NPT female pipe taps or flanges (to ANSI B 16.5) or Chemical Tee, dependent on application requirements


Sizing and selection is simplified by use of McMenon Solve,
available to download now

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