Temperature Measurement

In-Pipe sensing elements: designed to be used with a Thermowell or self-sealing coupling, these straight sensors manufactured using high quality thermal cable with a full metal sheath are robust safe and accurate. Using PRT technology or thermocouples as the primary sensing device, a wide range of termination possibilities exist from head mounting transmitters to high quality connection blocks. Hazardous area protection is provided by ATEX certified methods ranging from N through D to AI.

Surface Mount Sensors

There are times when it is of questionable value to penetrate
the pipeline for a temperature measurement. A surface
mounting sensor can be provided to measure the temperature
of the outside of the pipeline. With reasonable lagging
the accuracy of these sensors is virtually identical to a Thermowell


Protection of the temperature sensor and the ability to
remove a sensor without breaking pipeline integrity is
vital in continuous flow processes. The ultimate in safety
and endurance is provided by the solid drilled Thermowell.
Manufactured from a single bar of metal, drilled to within
6 or 9 mm from the end of the machine finished bar, these
Thermowells are used in the most demanding of industries
where a breach in pipeline security could mean disaster.

Cable Sensors

High quality sensors mounted on high quality cable for routing
around or with plant vessels. Sensors terminated as cables or
with connection blocks and heads or transmitters and heads.

Multipoint Sensors

For process vessels where a single entry port is required for
multiple temperature measurements. A variety of design
styles are available for what tends to be a engineered to
requirements product.