Flow Measurement

Primary differential flow products designed, built and documented to
exacting standards

Orifice plates

Measurement orifice plates designed to ISO5167. Manufactured
from high quality materials to tight industry tolerances. Orifice
plates are the most common components in any flow measuring
system being capable of measuring gas and liquid flows in the
most demanding of processes.

Averaging pitot tubes

McMenon’s Averaging Pitot Tubes are equally effective in large diameter pipes/ducts and in smaller diameter process flow pipes. Developing a lower pressure loss than the Orifice plate and with less demanding installation. The McMenon averaging Pitot tube design is of proven stability and accuracy.

Wedge meters

The tractor of the Differential Pressure flow measurement range
a device which is strong, resistant to wear, bi-directional and
virtually indestructible. When all other measurement options have
been tried and found wanting the Wedge Meter is likely to be the
solution. An almost flat relationship between discharge factor
and Reynolds number makes the wedge meter the most flexible of all
the measurement solutions for Differential Pressure.


High precision flow metering demands high precision
manufacturing of a device renowned in the power
industry for the measurement of turbine feed flow.

Venturi Tubes

The ultimate Differential Flow measurement device, features
a low permanent pressure loss and high accuracy flow
measurement of virtually any fluid. The turbulence reducing
features of the Venturi Tube not only reduce permanent
pressure loss but also prevent wear to the tube itself, giving
the Venturi Tube an almost unbelievably long lifetime in service
with no downtime.

Sub-Sea measurement

Devices either Venturi Tubes, orifice plates or Wedge meters
designed to be operated at depth in a marine environment.
Coupled with pressure transmitters designed and proven in the
North Sea and the Arctic Ocean, these devices by necessity need
to be “fit and forget”.

Variable Area Flow meter

Fail safe flow measurement for clear liquids and gases. Scaled to the customer’s requirements. The Variable Area Flow meter range of instruments provide an economical solution for laboratory and OEM customers. Pressure and flow control are available with the use of regulators and flow control valves. A simple, cost effective solution for a multitude of applications.