The ASME boiler code is our guide with fully qualified welders on site trained to follow a wide variety of welding specifications. The flow meters and Thermowells we manufacture are made from a wide range of metals and geometries. There is a significant chance that we already have a specification for your needs and if not we have our own welding specialists to design these for third party approval. GTAW, GMAW, FCAW and SAW techniques are all within our scope, with technical advice available from our welding specialists.

Oil & Gas

With over 70 years experience in instrumentation, McMenon’s Workington facility has served as a reliable partner providing safe and accurate instrumentation products. The McMenon portfolio of flow and temperature measurement instrumentation offers excellent solutions for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream locations to meet the demanding needs of the Oil & Gas industry


Our Workington facility’s reputation for reliability, excellence and a long history of instrumentation coupled with our close proximity to Sellafield positions us well to collaborate and deliver innovative solutions to the mission at Sellafield.

McMenon’s primary DP flow products are ideally suited to meet flow measurement requirements within this safety critical industry.


The McMenon Averaging Pitot Tubes are ideal for the measurement of gases in the test beds of aerospace engine development. Both the input fluids and the exhaust gases are measured to calculate precise figures on the efficiency of the engine under test.


Concentrated Solar power stations use molten salt to transfer heat from the central tower to the power generators or to storage. The flow of this aggressive fluid can be measured using Primary DP flow meters. McMenon’s Workington facility has provided flow meters for Concentrated Solar power plants in Spain and the Middle East.


The efficiency of an automotive engine can be inferred from the flows of fluids as diverse as gasoline, diesel and air. The exhaust gas flows from test bed engines are best measured using DP flow devices. McMenon small diameter Averaging Pitot Tubesare ideal for this measurement.


The trim tanks on a submarine ensure that the boat remains level in the water whilst the ballast tanks alter the boats apparent density allowing it to dive and surface. McMenon’s Workington facility have supplied Flow Meters for measurement of the flow of water around these complex systems, which are vital for the safety of the crewand the execution of the mission.

Food and Beverage

Intermediate stage food production processes can be very demanding on the measurement instrumentation used. McMenon’s Wedge meter provides flexible, robust and accurate flow measurement solution.

Precise control of temperature optimises yield and quality in many food processes. McMenon’s instrumentation for temperature measurement provides quality, durable products which help our customers optimise their processes.