National Stress Awareness Day

On National Stress Awareness Day (Nov 3) McMenon Engineering Services is acknowledging how key mental health is to the company.

McMenon has already introduced measures to ease stress on staff at their Workington base, and recently the company launched a new major initiative, with the trial of a nine-day working fortnight.

The aim behind this flexible working initiative is to allow staff to spend more time with their families by spacing their current hours out over nine days which means that they get 26 extended weekends over the course of a year.

Chief Operations Officer of McMenon,Ms Shiby Bernard,said: “The wellbeing of all of our staff is crucial to the success of McMenon Engineering Services.

“We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly company that looks after its staff.

“We aim to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions for customers and also provide a rewarding experience for our members.

“And that is not only our customers but also our staff, who are crucial to all we do and achieve.

“The nine-day working fortnight was introduced to allow staff extra time at home with their families, thus hopefully reducing their stress whilst not affecting productivity.

“The decision to trial the new nine-day fortnight was taken after a consultation process with staff to make it an inclusive decision.

“It was met with overwhelming support but a few members of staff did wish to continue with their normal hours of work and the company fully supports their decision to do so.”

McMenon, which acquired its Workington-based engineering and manufacturing business with a 70-year heritage of engineering excellence, from global power and automation technology group ABB, has built up a world-renowned reputation for manufacturing quality specialist flow and temperature measurement products.

The company exports to over 50 countries and supplies a range of industries, globally including energy, water, nuclear, defence, food and beverage and process industries.

Caption: Ms Shiby Bernard, Chief Operations Officer, McMenon Engineering Services Ltd

Editor’s Note:

McMenon Engineering Services’ manufacturing site in Workington, Cumbria, UK, has a track record of more than 70 years experience of manufacturing industrial instrumentation and has developed into a world-class facility for the design and manufacture of flow and temperature measurement products supplying to more than 50 countries around the world.

McMenon has built up a global reputation for manufacturing quality specialist products for a range of industries, including energy, water, nuclear, defence, food and beverage and process industries.

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