Cone Meters

Accurate, and reliable flow solution even with short installation lengths.

The McMenon cone flowmeter can be used to measure liquids, gases and multiphase fluids. Like all differential pressure primary elements, the pressured drop is measured over a restriction in the flow. In this case the restriction is a cone mounted centrally in the pipe. The effect of pushing the fluid around the annulus between the pipe wall and the edge of the cone helps to reduce the effect of variations in flow profile entering the meter.  This means they can be installed with reduced entry lengths without affecting the performance of the measurement.

Cone flows meters have many advantages and are widely used in agriculture, wastewater and power industries. They are well suited to be a major facilitator of the energy transition.


Cone flow meters are designed in accordance with ISO 5167-5: 2016 and as such can make use of the equation for discharge coefficient found therein. Using the equation means the meters can be operated without performing an initial calibration and will attain a measurement uncertainty of ± 5%. For customers requiring an improved accuracy, McMenon can calibrate each unit on our flow calibration facilities to deliver a meter within ± 0.5%.



  • Calibrated within ±0.5%
  • Uncalibrated ±5%

Pressure loss

  • 50 to 75% of differential head, dependent on the beta

Maximum working pressure

  • Limited by process and tapping connection rating.
  • Standard process designs up to ANSI 600 lb. rating
  • Higher pressures available to special design

Maximum working temperature

  • Dependent on the material selection and application

Pipeline size range

  • 50 to 150 mm (2 to 6 in.)
  • Meters for larger pipelines are available upon request


  • 0.45, 0.6 and 0.75

Standard materials

  • Carbon Steel ASTM A105 or A350 LF2
  • Stainless Steel BS 1502 316S31 or ASTM A240 316
  • Others available upon request


  • 1 /2 in. NPT female pipe taps or flanges (to ANSI B 16.5) dependent on application requirements


Sizing and selection is simplified by use of McMenon Solve,
available to download now

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