Averaging Pitot tubes

Being insertion devices with a relatively small aspect ratio, Pitot Tubes incur a very low pressure loss and are also very economical both to purchase and install, especially in larger pipelines and rectangular ducts.

Pitot Tubes are also available in retractable versions, allowing insertion and withdrawal from a pipeline without draining the process fluid.

Accuracy and stability, proven across the industry spectrum Pitot Tubes have unique sensor design features, offering more accurate and more stable measurement over a very wide flow range.

Pitot Tubes create a pressure loss many times lower than that of other DP devices, meaning that energy costs incurred in restoring the lost pressure are minimal. Installation is also much simpler as it typically only requires a single hole in the pipe wall.

Applications of the pitot tube:

  • Oil production and refining
  • Clean liquids and Gasses
  • Steam
  • Combined heat and power
  • Solar Energy CSP
  • Water treatment and distribution
  • Gas processing and transmission
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry

Special Features of the pitot tube:

  • Cost effective solution for large pipes
  • A wide variety of materials available to suit most applications
  • Direct mounting for pressure transmitter reduces instillation costs and potential leak points
  • Suitable for liquid, gas and steam flow measurement
  • Repeatability of measurement 0.1 %
  • Lowest pressure loss in the family of DP flow elements (approx. < 1 %)

Sizing and selection is simplified by use of McMenon Solve,
available to download now

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