Emission FlowGenie

Accurately monitoring your emissions

The McMenon Emission FlowGenie is a flowmetering system designed specifically to monitor your flue and stack emissions. With increased focus on accurately reporting these flowrates worldwide to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the Emission FlowGenie will help end users to meet their regulatory and legislative requirements.

With MCERTS and TUV approvals showing compliance with EN 14181 & EN 15267-3, the Emission FlowGenie has been proven to be fit for purpose for the flow measurement of stack and flue gases. It is also available with options to suit individual application needs including automatic purging systems, zero/span checks, flexible communication outputs and enclosure Heater.

Taking the hassle out of measurement

Applications can be sized and customised using McMenon’s intuitive Solve software, which puts you in control of the design. The McMenon Emission FlowGenie arrives on site fully configured based on your application details. Installation is quick and easy, requiring only one or maximum two holes for insertion into the process. And if that isn’t simple enough the staff at McMenon are always available to provide their specialist product knowledge.



  • ±2%
  • ≤ 2% of measuring range
  • MCERTS approved

Technical Data

  • Continuous volume/mass flow and velocity
  • Compensated for pressure and temperature
  • Flow velocity up to 50 m/s (3 to 35 m/s for MCERTS approved systems)

Maximum Working Temperature

  • 900 °C (1652 °F)
  • 1200 °C (2192 °F) *
  • * possible but with limited probe life

Pipeline size range

  • 100 to 8000mm (4 to 24 in.)


  • 25 mm (1 in.) or 60 mm (2.36 in.)
  • Two-piece probe design for stack diameter >5m
  • Bayonet-style lock within end support for large stacks at high temperatures (optional)
  • Available in a variety of materials


Flanged connection fittings (single or end-supported) – supplied by McMenon or customer.


Sizing and selection is simplified by use of McMenon Solve,
available to download now

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