Flow Measurement Mcmenon

Accurate, and reliable flow solution with negligible pressure loss….

The Electromagnetic Flowmeter (EMF) or Mag flow meter are a tried and tested technology used in many industries worldwide.

Anywhere the measurement of a conductive fluid is required, they are among the most popular choice of technology owing to their low cost and reliability.

From clean potable water through to sludges and slurries and even molten metals, EMFs can deliver a stable and accurate measurement.

They require only short lengths of upstream straight lengths of pipe to ensure accuracy and are full bore devices with no instructions into the flow and therefore no appreciable pressure loss.


The EMFs come with many features and options the end user can select to meet their needs.

This includes several communications outputs like simple 4-20 mA channels, HART, Modbus RTU/TCP, GSM/GPRS and relay outputs from alarms.

This functionality helps users build a specific solution for their own application.

Sizing and selection is simplified by use of McMenon Solve, the ultimate tool for DP flowmeter sizing and more, used on-line
or off-line and available to download now

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Special features

  • Accuracy: Calibrated within ±0.5%
  • Pressure loss: No more than a standard pipe
  • Maximum working pressure is limited by process connection rating; Standard process designs up to ANSI 600 lb. rating; Higher pressures available to special design
  • Maximum working temperature is dependent on the material selection and application
  • Standard materials: Carbon Steel ASTM A105 or A350 LF2; Stainless Steel BS 1502 316S31 or ASTM A240 316. Others available upon request
  • Linings: Hard, Ebonite and Neoprene Rubbers; PFA; PTFA and Ceramics. Others available upon request


  • Industrial water measurements
  • Wastewater
  • Process measurements
  • Power industry
  • Produced water
  • Food and Beverage

Pipeline size range

  • 25 to 3000 mm (1 to 120 in.)